Mind Blowing Statistics that Every Bitcoin Trader Should Know

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and came into existence in 2019. Ever since, the industry has faced explosive growth.  Truth is the numbers are growing and will keep growing. And if anyone feels that crypto is one hell of a short-lived infatuation; how about we look at the numbers?

Social Media & Forum Stats

1.Some will post on social media about bitcoin every 3 seconds.

A study revealed there are more than 29,866  daily social media postings about Bitcoin. This approximates to 20 posts a minute. 

2.The First Bitcoin transaction took place through Bitcoin Talk.

To market Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto initially built an email list of more than 2,000 followers. He built this list by becoming active on financial forums. The first transaction was a pizza purchase , 2 pizzas at 10,000 bitcoins. This was in 2010. 

3. An increase in the number of HODL mentions on Reddit influenced bitcoin’s market volatility.

Reddit’s  r/Bitcoin Subreddit community has more than 1.2 million subscribers. Data from The Next web revealed this eerie correlation between bitcoin’s market volatility and the number of times subredditors mentioned the term HODL.

4.Tron Founder Justin Sun is the most influential personality on twitter.

Twitter recorded upto 155,600 tweets on Bitcoin on 7th December 2017. While the numbers are still large, the last cryptocurrency tweets on twitter were 15,190 on the 9th of December 2019. Justin Sun, Tron’s founder and CEO is the most popular cryptocurrency personality with a whopping following of 2 million. 

Technology & Platforms

1. As of 2020, the number of bitcoin exchanges around the world exceeded 300.

According to statista, Binance exchange had a 24-hour transaction volume of $12.12 billion. Making Binance the leading crypto exchange in the world.  

2. 200 million bitcoin wallets exist in the world today.

As of December 2018, there were more than 460 million bitcoin addresses. This number keeps growing and as of today, at least 400,000 people use bitcoin daily.  The wallets are an astronomical 200 million and the industry still faces a hypercompetive growth. Statista also revealed the number of Bitcoin ATMs as of 2020 was 7,722.

Market Size and User base

1.The amount of daily online transactions involving bitcoin are worth $6 billion.

Only Visa Card and Mastercard surpass the volume of bitcoin’s online cash transactions. Both standing at $30.3 billion and $16.2 billion respectively. The total bitcoin supply currently stands at 21 million. Experts believe the entire blockchain market size will hit $57 million by the year 2025

2. Besides Bitcoin, there exist more than 5,098 altcoins in the world today.

Cryptocurrency market aggregators reveal there are more than 20,000 different crypto markets today. These markets are served by over 5,000 alternative cryptocurrencies.  Just a year after the inception of Bitcoin, the rate of issuance for altcoins has been growing exponentially. 


These are not the only numbers associated with cryptocurrencies. The blockchain industry is huge and has become a source of livelihood for billions of people. If you are a professional bitcoin trader and want to grasp the big numbers and what they mean to your business; join Bitcoin Champion App today.